Thursday, January 21, 2010

misleading platter pricing @ Wildfire

If the menu reads like this:

Wildfire Assiette $18 per person
six intense miniature desserts (minimum 2 persons)

and you order "for two", how many mini desserts do you think you get?
If you guessed twelve, you're wrong. 
Which is a pity, really.
Why not just price the plate at $36 and less patrons less ripped-off when they see the bill?


 Gone Nutino Souffle
nutino - hazlenut chocolate souffle, gianduja bombe, baileys-kahlua foam


Wildfire Assiette
(From memory) mini doughnut balls with raspberry injection
coconut and mango jelly with coconut and white chocolate ball
some nougat, florentine type item
petit fours
ice-cream and chocolate cake

I am sure that last description did not do that dessert justice. Nor did its pricing method.

Wildfire Restaurant
Ground Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West, Sydney 2000
02 8273 1222

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  1. Food lover!! Everything looks so delicious on your blog here. I go on food adventures too here in Bris - always trying to find good food here. Nice blog :)